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Weekend Recap + Family Pictures!

Happy Tuesday, friends!! On Saturday I turned 22 and I don’t really know how to feel about it?! I’m at such a different stage in life than the majority of my friends my age and so in many ways I still feel very, very young – young to be married, young to have a baby. But my goodness I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The morning started out super stormy & rainy which was PERFECT because I love thunderstorms more than anything, and Texas really does have the best, but also sad because literally all of our plans that day involved being outside! Luckily it just drizzled in the morning and then stopped in the afternoon – just in time for our family pictures! Though it would have been fun with umbrellas 😉 We drove to a juice bar for breakfast and got smoothies, which were delicious, and then headed to the farmers market. I was worried that they’d be closed due to the rain but most all of the regular booths were still there!! My favorite bread people weren’t there, which I was super sad about, so I didn’t get my sourdough. Bummer. But!! We did, however, get my favorite hand pies! If you’ve never had a hand pie, it looks like an empanada, but the outside is pie dough and the inside is pie filling and they are DELICIOUS. Then, we went to my favorite hippie spot for lunch and I got a “hippie health” sandwich with green tomatoes, arugula, roasted cauliflower, sauerkraut, and raw cheddar. It was amazing! THEN, we went home to hang out for a little bit before our family pictures. Thankfully, the weather was just PERFECT. Sophie’s at a tricky age where it’s kinda hard to get her to look at the camera, particularly because she LOVES being outside and the ground and trees and grass and flowers are just so much more interesting than people ? but she did so so great and was in the best mood (as always!) After family pictures, we grabbed thai food for dinner & had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Below are just a few of the family pictures that we took this weekend & I’m SO happy with how they turned out!! My site reduced the quality of the images biiiig time (why?!!!) but whatevs. I love this little family of mine soooo much!


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