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Baby + Toddler #Giftspo (Unique Gift Ideas for Kids!)

gift ideas for kids

Hi, friends! Happy December! How’s the Christmas shopping going?

I know that the blogging world is overrun with gift guides at the moment, but I have had so much fun scouring the internet for gifts for the girls for both Christmas as well as their birthdays (Livvy turns one this month, and Sophie turns 3 in January – WHAT!) that I thought I would share my favorite finds! We’re featuring things that I have already purchased for my girls as well as things we’d like to get in the future!

I am trying to be really thoughtful with the toys we purchase, with sustainability and longevity at the forefront of my mind. I like toys that are beautiful, promote creativity, support imagination, and I want most of them to last through at least a couple generations of kids. If I can picture myself throwing it away eventually (ie, something plastic that sings) it is likely not going to go in my shopping cart. In addition to toys, we also LOVE adding to our book collection. I don’t think I will ever have enough children’s books!

Throughout this post I have provided links to Amazon on occasion for certain items, because I know it is ever so convenient and accessible, but whenever possible, I firmly believe that if you can find the toy you want through a small business – purchase it there instead!

  1. Wooden Beads Grasper – Baby gifts can be tricky, but this shape-shifter is perfect for the 12 months and under crowd!
  2. Wooden Rainbow Tunnel – Not only is it so pretty (I’m a sucker for rainbows!) but there are endless creative building possibilities with this one.
  3. ABCs of Art (book) – I am so excited to give this book to Sophie. She is an artist through and through, and I love that this book will not only teach her about the classics but also help her learn the alphabet!
  4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Puzzle – with only 24 pieces, this is the perfect starter puzzle!
  5. Wooden Doll Family – Bellaluna Toys has a large collection of dollhouse accessories that I LOVE. For birthdays and Christmases over the next several years we plan to add pieces, a room here (I love this cute kitchen! and garden!) and a doll there (hi cute grandma!), until we have a full set. I love toys that you can build on over time!
  6. Crayon Rocks – literally the cutest crayons ever. Apparently, coloring with these little guys helps kids develop the right “tripod grip,” which aids in helping children learn to write well, which I am all for. Also, here’s an adorable bird’s nest sketchbook to gift along with it!
  7. She Persisted (book) – I love this female-forward book so much. In addition to covering a few key well-known women in history, the author also teaches you about some amazing, lesser-known American women, which is neat. Also available as a board book – success!
  8. Alphabet Wooden Tray Puzzle – can you tell that alphabets and puzzles are on the brain? I love this cute one from Petit Collage!
  9. Fishing Around Wooden Game – Sophie plays a fishing game in nursery at our church often and LOVES it, so I think she’s really gonna love this one, too!
  10. Indestructibles (book) – literally indestructible (and even machine-washable!), any book from this series makes for a perfect baby gift!
  11. Beaded Pacifier Clip – I love this classic wooden pacifier clip (to go along with those oh-so-chic bibs binkies.) So pretty & has lasted so well!
  12. Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box – perfect for the baby or toddler that loves music + making noise 🙂
  13. Ostheimer Animals – another great build-on gift idea, where every holiday/birthday you add another to the collection – these beautiful wooden Ostheimer animal figures!
  14. Wooden Makeup Pouch Set – this is the cutest pretend makeup set ever. I was planning on getting Sophie a different one for Christmas, but once my friend showed me this adorable wooden set, I returned that order and got this one instead – haha!

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