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The Wrights Take London: Day 5

DAY 5!!

We got up early and took the Tube with Ian and Charity to Borough Market. Oh my GOSH it is absolutely magical! So much cool food and flowers and smells, definitely one of my favorite parts of London HANDS DOWN. We grabbed some fresh juice at a fruit stand, mine was apple + cranberry, and some donuts at a stall called Bread Ahead. Bread Ahead is very well known in London (and across the world) to have excellent donuts, and they were seriously amazing. They are all filled donuts, with honeycomb, caramel, vanilla bean, and chocolate creams, and then a black currant jam option, too. Brig and I both got the vanilla bean creams and those donuts were freaking outstanding. Good heavens. Best way to start a morning!!!

^^ These cookies were LITERALLY as big as my head. Next time we’re in London, I’m getting one! They were handing out samples of their brownies which were RIDICULOUSLY fudgy and delicious. ^^

^^ Really loved this 🙂 ^^

^^ These donuts were PACKED with the most magnificent vanilla pastry cream I’ve ever had in my life. Gahhhhh take me back! ^^

^^ Look how big that cheese is. Isn’t it crazy?! Also Charity is the cutest. ^^

We walked around the market for a little while longer looking at all the great things and then took the Tube back to the flat. My camera battery was almost dead so I had to switch out batteries and then we headed to the British Museum and saw the Rosetta Stone! So cool! We then took a trip to a candy store called Hardy’s, grabbed some bubblegum bon bons for Brig (which he is now officially obsessed with thanks to Ian’s love for them) and a honeycomb dark chocolate bar for me. I love all things honeycomb!!! Then we headed to lunch at Dishoom, a bombay restaurant pretty close to the flat. We both got the chicken ruby with naan + rice and though it was spicy, it was very tasty. Our waiter was super kind and we talked with him a lot about various things – turns out he was from Spain and he and Brig spoke Spanish together! Our waiter said that Brig was the first American to speak impressive Spanish with him haha. And THEN for dessert we grabbed a couple gelatos from Amorino (SUPER great gelato). I got a speculoos + nutella cone (it looked like a rose! Super skilled ice cream scooper right there) topped with a caramel gelato-filled macaroon and Brig got some raspberry + mango sorbet. That was some seriously deluxe dessert.

Then we headed back to the flat to relax a bit and pack our things for Surrey! After we were done packing & a little more rested up, we decided to walk the town and go to Trafalgar Square to see the carolers, but it was cold and the carolers weren’t caroling so after a bit we just went back to the flat haha. Then at 6:30 we caught the Tube from Charing Cross to South Wimbledon, and my uncle Sam picked us up there and then drove us to his house in Godalming, where we were going to stay for the rest of our trip. Godalming is soooooo different from London! Very small, villagey, and lots of little tiny houses packed together. It’s beautiful, though, and we were so excited to explore it more. We got some fish and chips for dinner which were soooooooooo yummy.

xo, Lucia

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    January 11, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    I’m drooling over these pictures! Borough Market is seriously the BEST! Oh my goodness, take me back 🙂

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      January 13, 2016 at 8:41 am

      Right?? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a stand at Borough Market?! #goals

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