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October Favorites + Family Photos

October is gone and November is HERE! I am such a broken record but man alive, this year has gone fast. And next month is BABY MONTH! To say that we’re excited and sooooo beyond ready to meet our next baby girl would be a huge understatement 🙂

We took family photos a couple weekends ago and I couldn’t NOT share them with you guys, I am just so beyond thrilled with how they turned out! Our sweet friend Bryson (@brysonwongphoto) did an INCREDIBLE job and if you are in the Boston or RVA area, look him up! Book a shoot! He is so talented. We had such a fun afternoon taking photos amidst the glorious fall leaves in Boston Public Garden and then snagged some ice cream at Emack and Bolio’s afterward – my new faaaave spot in the city for a scoop o’ the good stuff. The pumpkin flavor they have for fall right now is UN.REAL.


Other October Notables:


  • Praise. Be. I don’t know why it has freaked me out so much each time (maybe because having GD is just one more big thing to worry about in the last trimester that would be soooo stressful – my heart goes out to any mamas that go through this!) but I PASSED and I felt like this huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, like the rest of this pregnancy is gonna go so smoothly now that’s off my radar! Haha.


  • Cue all the sobs. Sophie had this cute little tail of hair in the back that was way longer than the rest of her hair and we decided to cut it off right before family pics. I still have the hair in a plastic bag sitting on my nightstand and I plan on keeping it for FOREVER.


  • I basically make these dinner rolls every Sunday now and they’re always gone within 24 hours – I’ve had to start making a double batch! They are impossibly fluffy and so perfect. We are obsessed. Make them ASAP. Other than skipping the glaze (I just brush them with some melted butter + salt!) I follow the recipe exactly.


  • Oh yes 😋 It’s fall, it’s baking season, and we are bringing back the chocolate chip cookies! Tune in on insta for the weekly/biweekly CCC updates. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about – last year I started making a different chocolate chip cookie recipe every week. It’s a fun excuse to try new recipes and find new favorites. For being one of the most basic, standard American treats there are SO many different recipes out there and I’m determined to try as many as possible 😉 To kick things off this past week I made Cookie & Kate’s Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies.


  • …but because of awwwfullll weather conditions, it was rescheduled to this coming weekend! I am so stinking excited! It’s just one of those perfectly quintessential New England fall activities like going apple picking – although these days you can go apple picking anywhere 😉 I’m be sure to post pics and tell you guys all about it after.


  • We went to our church halloween activity dressed as beekeepers + a bumblebee last weekend and then trick or treated down Melrose Main Street on Halloween afternoon. Sophie is pretty shy, so she wasn’t a huuuge fan of trick or treating – but she definitely liked the dumdum she got out of it! 😉

How was your October? What do you have to look forward to in November? 

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    November 26, 2018 at 10:25 am

    I know I’m reading this a bit late (how is NOVEMBER already almost over??), but I am like swooning over these pictures. So much realness and beauty and love! Hope this month has been as lovely as the last xx

    • Reply
      November 29, 2018 at 10:55 am

      Ahh I know right?! Where did the year go! Thank you sweet friend <3

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