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Ohhh kay! Updates! (This one’s a doozy!)

This post is sorta going up for potentially selfish reasons simply because I want to record what’s happened the past couple weeks & I just know with my horrible memory I will forget every detail, so I need to write it all down before I forget! But maybe some of you actually enjoy reading about my life?? ?

So. As you guys know, we road tripped to Arizona for Thanksgiving. We stayed with our sweet friends, the Culleys, that really we just consider our relatives now because we feel so close to them. There’s Sara and Dwayne (the ma & pa) and then Maycie, Andrew, Tyson, and Emily (the chilluns.) They are just plain and simple the most selfless, kind, funny, and loving people you’ll ever meet. After we left I realized that I didn’t take pictures with ANY of them and I was so so sad! Ugh. Next time!

We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon, tired from the 10 hour drive, but so excited for Thanksgiving break! We hung out at the house for awhile and then all the “adults” (to be honest, I still feel funny grouping myself into that category hahaha) went out to dinner at a place in Gilbert called Oregano’s. Ohhhhh it was so good! Brig got the biggest chicken pesto pizza in the world (so delicious) and I got the biggest kale caesar salad in the world (basically everything at this restaurant was VERY large) and GUESS WHAT. Instead of croutons in the salad, do you know what there were? Cheese curds. Deep fried cheese curds. Yeah, you could say it was a VERY good salad.

The next day, we had some BoSa donuts for breakfast (the buttermilk bar is AMAZING!) and then Sarah, Maycie, Emily, and I braved the crowds at WinCo, Trader Joe’s, and Costco to finish shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I think it was on this day that Brig and I went to the Gilbert Temple and it is just so beautiful. I love the palm trees all over the Phoenix/Mesa/Gilbert area – it almost felt like California to me and California is one of my favorite places in the world. That night, Maycie and I got cupshakes at Sweet Tooth Fairy (OMG, so stinking amazing) and then Emily and I watched Camp Rock ?

On Thanksgiving, we had the most incredible ebelskivers for breakfast, along with some cinnamon rolls, and then we just continued to cook up a storm and had the greatest time just relaxing at home. That night, we ventured out into the Black Friday masses and took advantage of some slick shopping dealz. I’d never been Black Friday shopping before and I must say, it was significantly less crazy than I’d imagined it would be! I thought it would feel like being caught in the middle of a boxing ring but to my astonishment, although there were lots of people, the craziness was very well contained and organized.

Then on Friday, we got together with some friends in the area, spent time with their families, and attended a Christmas party. We then accompanied the Culleys to the Mesa Temple Lights, followed by some intense gingerbread house making & Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate.

Saturday morning we were absolutely heartbroken to have to leave the Culleys. We said our goodbyes and then headed up to Las Vegas, where we were to spend the night with some more friends, and then drive the rest of the way back to Provo on Sunday morning. We had a great, short time with our friends in Las Vegas and ate a lot of homemade Brazilian food. Amazing.

The day we got home, we set up all of our Christmas things. I am SO happy with our tree, it brings me so much joy!

^^ Yes, there’s a dammit doll on top. ^^

AND THEN this past weekend my friend Sarah came to visit and it was a blast! We took a trip to Salt Lake to see Temple Square in all its Christmas glory and made lots of cookies. On Saturday night, we celebrated my best friend Emma’s 23rd birthday by going to The Good Dinosaur (SO CUTE!!!) and then we ate at an Italian place in Provo, also called Oregano’s (but different than the one in AZ) and that was one delicious birthday dinner. I got the truffle fries & pesto gnocchi and Lord have mercy, it was GOOD. (Speaking of truffle fries, have you tried the Lay’s truffle fries potato chips? HEAVENLY.)

I feel so blessed to have so many loving, caring people in my life. It’s been a great holiday season so far and I just can’t wait for our super-secret Christmas trip in just ten days! 🙂


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    December 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    You are too cute!! Sounds like you’re having the perfect start to the holidays, dear 🙂

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