February Favorites

February Favorites

Hey, friends! Favorites here. How was your February?! It was a super fun month for us! Highlights: my friends Liz and Alexa came into town for a weekend, I accompanied my friend, Angela, on a donut crawl through Boston, Brig was sworn into the USAF, and we had a couple 60-70 degree days ðŸ™Œ A glimpse of warmth and sunshine in February was seriously such a godsend!


Oh man. So much good food. For the donut crawl, we went to all five big donut spots in Boston – Twin Donuts, Kane’s, Blackbird, Union Square, and Donuts with a Difference. Blackbird was (& will always be) my all time fave ðŸ’¯ You just can’t beat their fluffy brioche dough with hints of lemon and nutmeg. They’re deep-fried yet they taste so clean and FRESH. Plus, their cake & old-fashioned donuts are also insane. They have a citrus old-fashioned donut right now (most of their flavors change out seasonally) and it is BONKERS good.

When Liz & Alexa came into town, which was this past Friday, we ate at Tatte (of course), Flour, Grainmaker, FoMu, Boston Public Market, By Chloe, & Pressed Juicery. Phew! We walked like 3 billion miles trying to explore the whole city in just two days. Thankfully the weather was amazing and Sophie was suuuuuch a trooper, accompanying us on every single adventure! All of us made dinner together on Friday night which was a blast. We cooked out of Cookie & Kate’s book (seriously one of my FAVES!) and made her black bean, poblano, and sweet potato enchiladas, as well as her pink hibiscus lemonade, plus a side salad and looots of tortilla chips!

Oh my word, HIPPEAS! You can find them at Whole Foods in the chip aisle, and they’re basically like cheetos made with chickpea flour. Chickpea cheetos! The vegan white cheddar flavor is UNREAL and I have gone through three (?!) bags in the past week. Oops ðŸ˜… Speaking of chickpeas, the other night Brig and I were in the car and I was like, Brig, guess what the liquid in a chickpea can is called?!? and Brig grinned and said, chickPEE! and I literally died laughing, so much so that I couldn’t even tell him that it’s actually aquafaba. Hahaha.

I’m also having a moment with steel-cut oats. I hated them for years because I didn’t like the texture, buuut jokes on me because I was just perpetually undercooking them! Major face palm. So once I learned how to cook them, you know, CORRECTLY, I loved them.


If you’ve been following along for the past little while, you know that I’ve been slowly transitioning all of my beauty products to the more natural/nontoxic side of things. My skincare routine is alllllmost complete, as is my hair routine, but I have yet to even start with my makeup products yet! As soon as I finish each one, though, I will be sure to give you guys the full lowdown on the blog! Anyway, in the meantime, here are some of my favorite products from the last month:

Cocokind’s rosewater toner + facial cleansing oil. I love that their products are high-quality and completely nontoxic, while also being suuuper reasonably priced.

Really loving this damage control shampoo + conditioner set by Avalon Organics – heaven knows my hair needs all the help it can get right now! I lost so much hair after I had Sophie and it’s currently in the messy-baby-hair-regrowth process…though I still get a lot of fall out. Ugh. Hormones are crazy! Babies are worth it, though 😉


So, um, I’m kind of totally addicted to Pretty Little Liars. How old am I, 17?! I blame this entirely on the week that Sophie & I both got super sick earlier this month and I basically laid on the floor for 7 days watching PLL. You always need a good show to watch when you’re sick, you know?


I received this cookbook as a gift a week or two ago and am seriously obsessed! I love that it’s focused entirely on dinner – my biggest struggle! The recipes are creative, unique, and flavorful – yet so approachable. I made the sesame chicken last night and it was so good. I’m working on sharpening my chef skills this year since I have always been so much more of a baker, and I can already tell that cooking out of this book is going to be a big help and motivator!


Sophie is soooo close to standing/walking on her own, but she’s just so cautious! I’m thinking March will be the month she takes her first steps on her own!

Looking ahead, I REALLY want March to be the month that I finally start my journey in sourdough making! I did start a starter this past month but freaked out on day 3 thinking I did something wrong and threw it away. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to do things perfectly the first time or not at all, and I’ve definitely been noticing that attitude around lately. I’m determined to just go for it this month, no matter what happens, & I’ll tell you how it goes!

How was your February? What are you looking forward to most in March?

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