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White Cheddar, Pulled Pork, & Apricot Grilled Cheese

INTRODUCINGGG the world’s greatest sandwich.

Grilled cheese have always been a big comfort food for me. Add tomato soup & it’s total bliss. I may or may not have skipped several classes my senior year of high school to go to my best friend’s house to make grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.¬†Worth it.

 ^^ Can you tell that I was wearing a hot pink shirt? Way to go, Lucia. Way to go ūüėõ ^^

The sweet and savory combinations in this sandwich make my head spin with pure joy. Tangy grilled apricots, sweet apricot preserves, thin slices of sharp white cheddar, classic pulled pork, & butter slathered over some seedy, whole grain bread = swoon.

Whenever I catch a good pork shoulder on sale, I throw it in the crockpot with some salt, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, & water and let it cook on low for a good 10-12 hours until it just falls apart so effortlessly and deliciously. Then I can throw it in whatever I’m cooking that week, whether it be pasta, rice, tacos, sandwiches – you name it!

 This is another one of those recipes that doesn’t really come with any measurements. If I’m making a sandwich, you can count on me not measuring anything ever. You just kind of slather and pile and grill and eat cause ain’t nobody got time to worry about teaspoons & tablespoons.

Also, I’m definitely listening to The Cranberries right now and thinking that a grilled cheese with cranberry sauce should be in order.

We’ll make it happen, don’t you worry.


pulled pork, warm

apricots, halved

thick slices of white cheddar

your favorite bread

apricot preserves & salted butter, for slathering


Place the apricot halves cut-side down on a hot grill pan and let grill for 2-3 minutes until grill marks appear. Slice.

On one piece of bread, spread the butter first (on both sides), followed by the apricot preserves. Then add the cheddar, apricot slices, and pulled pork. Top with the other slice of bread (also buttered on both sides) and place on a grill pan or panini press. Cook until melty & warm & gooey & you just can’t take it any more.
xo, Lucia

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