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Wednesdays | 8

Hello & welcome to another Wednesday post (finally!)

First, let’s enjoy some pictures of nature.

1. The Food Network Star finale is next week and I CAN HARDLY WAIT. I seriously cannot decide who I think will win. Honestly, I think all those 3 would do a terrific job with their own show. The suspense!

2. Currently craving:

This savory granola

These cheddar cornbread waffles

These no-heat summer sides got me drooling hardcore

This cantaloupe caprese salad

These totally trashed-up brownies

This watermelonade

3. Currently listening:

– A Silent Film (!!!) OBSESSED.

4. This post by Joy the Baker cracked. me. up. Love her!

5. Today, I ate a donut and ice cream for breakfast. Which is actually completely unlike me because I always have to start the day off on the right foot with eggs or whole grain toast or a smoothie or what-have-you. But today, there was a donut Brig saved me on the table and ice cream in the freezer and I just had to. I’m also what one could call paranoid, in many ways, but especially in the taste-tester, recipe-tester sort of way. I made vanilla ice cream last night and this morning I woke up and I was like, was it actually good? Do I really remember how it tasted like? Not to mention I had a horrible dream where my grandfather was reprimanding me for making horrible ice cream (I was also blind). So, as you see, I just had to taste the ice cream to make sure it’s okay. We’re okay. It tastes great.

6. I’m so confused. Croissant love? What?

7. Love this! I’ve been cooking literally ever since I can remember and I am so grateful for it!


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