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Hello & welcome to another Wednesday post (finally!)

First, let’s enjoy some pictures of nature.

1. The Food Network Star finale is next week and I CAN HARDLY WAIT. I seriously cannot decide who I think will win. Honestly, I think all those 3 would do a terrific job with their own show. The suspense!

2. Currently craving:

This savory granola

These cheddar cornbread waffles

These no-heat summer sides got me drooling hardcore

This cantaloupe caprese salad

These totally trashed-up brownies

This watermelonade

3. Currently listening:

– A Silent Film (!!!) OBSESSED.

4. This post by Joy the Baker cracked. me. up. Love her!

5. Today, I ate a donut and ice cream for breakfast. Which is actually completely unlike me because I always have to start the day off on the right foot with eggs or whole grain toast or a smoothie or what-have-you. But today, there was a donut Brig saved me on the table and ice cream in the freezer and I just had to. I’m also what one could call paranoid, in many ways, but especially in the taste-tester, recipe-tester sort of way. I made vanilla ice cream last night and this morning I woke up and I was like, was it actually good? Do I really remember how it tasted like? Not to mention I had a horrible dream where my grandfather was reprimanding me for making horrible ice cream (I was also blind). So, as you see, I just had to taste the ice cream to make sure it’s okay. We’re okay. It tastes great.

6. I’m so confused.¬†Croissant love? What?

7. Love this! I’ve been cooking literally ever since I can remember and I am so grateful for it!


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