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Wednesdays | 5

  1. I took this picture a couple years ago when my dad and I went biking & exploring around rural Minnesota. Isn’t the view beautiful?! This weekend, Brig and I are headed up north to the homefront (MN/ND) and I AM SO EXCITED!!! It’s family reunion time.

2. Currently craving –

These PB & chocolate baked donuts

These brazilian burrito bowls

This couscous & fresh cherry salad

These blackberry curd filled donuts

These thai chicken chilaquiles

These salted caramel popsicles

3. Music this week –> JUKEBOX THE GHOST’S NEW ALBUM. For each song on the album, there is a solo piano version included, as well, and oh my goodness! So so so beautiful. Ben Thornewill is an increeedible pianist. I think When The Nights Get Long is my current favorite among the solo piano songs. Undeniable You is my favorite original track.

4. So proud of my hometown DQ! We always knew they were pretty special 🙂

5.  Creative, nonalcoholic drink recipes? I don’t have enough of those. Yes please!


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