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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And yes, that little girl on the left with the cheetah vest & navy blue turtleneck? That would be baby me.

1. I made this BBQ sauce a few days ago and put it on top of some grilled chicken and WOWZA. Make it. ASAP.

2. Okay, music this week. Still obsessed with the new Of Monsters & Men album. Jose Gonzalez & Bon Iver on repeeeaatt. So relaxing.

3. Currently craving –

This grilled veggie vegan pizza

– These caramelized honey & sea salt gelato pops

These jumbo frosted animal cookies – hmm…I think I’m going to put my dachshund cookie cutter to use…

These fish tacos with blueberry salsa

This vegan cherry pie ice cream. OMG.

4. I want this book! I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn.

5. The Juice Contract. BAHAHA.

6. Utah is soooooooo stinkin’ hot right now. I looked at the weather forecast for this upcoming week & starting tomorrow, it’s 98, 99, 100, 102, 102, 102, 102…I WASN’T MADE FOR THIS.


^^ me again! I told you I wasn’t made for hot weather 😉 ^^

7. Brig got me the complete Harry Potter DVD set for my birthday and can you say MARATHON TIME, BABY. Super super stoked. Thanks, love!! 🙂

8. If Things Overheard at Whole Foods Were Motivational Posters. SO FUNNY. The Facebook page gives me life.

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