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1. UHM CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE NEW OF MONSTERS AND MEN ALBUM?! SO GOOD. The three songs that I have on repeat are Hunger, Thousand Eyes, and Empire.

2. ALSO –> FLORENCE + THE MACHINE’S NEW ALBUM. So much new music right now! Absolutely obsessed with the song St. Jude.

3. Currently craving –

This salad. I am all about those grilled apricots. YUM.

This four-cheese pizza

These pad thai spring rolls

This caramelized banana rice pudding

4. I wouldn’t mind having whale serving spoons.

5. I made challah the other night for the first time ever and it tasted SO GOOD. But the braid? A little less than satisfactory 😉 I will make it again and again until I get it right!

6. This past weekend Brig and I saw Jurassic World and I was SO impressed! We absolutely loved it. We went to a pretty late night showing and I literally ALWAYS fall asleep if I watch a movie past 10 or 11 at night. And I didn’t even fall asleep during this one! So that’s a pretty good mark of a movie well done 😉

7. Maybe trying some of these recipes will help me like kale?! As far as the green leafies go, I’m a spinach girl all the way.



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    Brittany M
    August 23, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Those whale spoons are cute!:)

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