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Wednesdays | 11

Hi friends! I have lots of pictures from this past weekend for your viewing pleasure!

So that puppy. He’s pretty cute, huh? He is the sweetest, snuggliest long-haired miniature dachshund and his name is Davy Jones (after the guy from the Monkees that died a few years back!) and he’s mine! I bought him when I was in high school during a mid-teenage-years crisis. I regretted it for several months because taking care of a puppy when you’re actively involved in your junior year of high school is REALLY HARD. But I love love love my Davy so dearly and am grateful I got him when I did! Since our apartment doesn’t allow pets, he stays with my dad in the meantime and anytime my dad is in town I get so excited because that means DAVY!


^^ This is my cute cousin, Susanna, that put up with me as a roommate our entire freshman year. She’s so so so lovely. ^^

^^ The chica on the right is my sister! ^^

My dad’s parents were in town for the weekend and I loved getting to see them. Seeing grandparents can be a very bittersweet thing since I never know when the “last time” I see them will be, especially since they live so far away, but I just pray that God would help me never take for granted the time I have with them while they’re still here.

Other things…

  1. Currently craving –
    1. This pumpkin butter. Seriously, I’m making this STAT.
    2. These sweet potato pie bars. They look so dreamy!!!
    3. These baked pumpkin donuts with CARDAMOM (!!!) CRUMBLE. Amen.
    4. These GORGEOUS autumn chicken pot pies. Comfort food central.
  2. Currently listening –
    1. Lost and Found by Katie Herzig. Over and over and over and OVER again.
  3. Found this article through Broma Bakery about being overdriven yet extremely lazy. HA! Perfect.
  4. Give me all the autumn salads!!

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