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Watermelon Salsa

watermelon salsa | the foodwright

Haaaapppyyyyy Tuuueesssdaayyy!

I’m super excited to share this salsa with you today.


watermelon salsa | the foodwright

Fruit salsas have always been sort of hit or miss for me – too sweet, too chunky, too vegetabley…this list goes on.

This little guy, though. He’s not too much of anything. He’s just right. Sweet, zippy, not too chunky, and a little kicky.

Pat yourself on the back, salsa.

watermelon salsa | the foodwright

If we’re being honest here, this salsa + chips makes a pretty awesome no-effort summer dinner. I mean, 127 chips and a bowl of salsa fills you up pretty well, right? And THEN having chips + salsa for dinner also means –> you don’t need the oven! Obviously. That’s the real kicker here. Whenever I’m baking in the summer I’m like SO HOT because I’m standing right next to our oven to whole time and it’s the worst but also the best because…baked goods. Wiiiiinnninggg. Do we still use that phrase? No?

I also totally recommend it for not only chips, but QUESADILLAS! And fish! And chicken! You guys. Can you even stand it? You need to make it now.

Sidenote: those aforementioned things require heat. Choose wisely.

Also, it only takes a total of like 20 minutes.

Have I convinced you to make this yet?

watermelon salsa | the foodwright

Oh! Some friendly advice: if you’re not experienced with da jalapenos, don’t cut it with your bare hands lest you want to face a fiery future. (Seriously though, it’s happened to me. I touched both of my eyes. Super awesome, Lucia. Way to go.)

Anyway. This salsa is sooooo summery and perfect for everything and anything all the time. The end.

watermelon salsa | the foodwright


2 c diced watermelon

1/2 cucumber, diced

1 jalapeno pepper, diced & seeds removed

1 peach, diced

1/2 green bell pepper, diced

juice of 1/2 a lime


Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse just until you have a rough salsa-like consistency as seen in the pictures above 🙂

watermelon salsa | the foodwright

xo, Lucia

P.S. Thanks to Brig for hand modeling! 😉

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