Apple Cinnamon & Fig Baked Oatmeal (V/GF)

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal with Tahini Date Sauce (GF)

Heelllllllo & happy Monday! How are we? Ready to eat some BAKED OATMEAL?!

The answer is yes ? Becaaaause this is baked oatmeal that tastes like apple freaking pie. Apple pie, guys! For breakfast.

Sign. Me. Up.

Apple Cinnamon & Fig Baked Oatmeal with Tahini Date Sauce (V/GF)

Okay so let’s talk OATMEAL PACKETS. You know the ones. What was your favorite flavor?! I’ve loved oatmeal ever since I can remember and I basically liked all of them. TOP faves though?? Probs peaches and cream, strawberries and cream, apple cinnamon (duh – and the apple chunks were the best part!), but nothing compared to DINOSAUR EGG OATMEAL. Have you experienced this witchcraft? It’s a lil packet of quick oats (obvi) with little brown sugar eggs that turn into dinosaurs (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when touched by hot water. Seriously. It’s deliciously magical.

Nowadays, I don’t use those instant oat packets. Whenever I want a bowl of oatmeal, I make it myself over the stove with old-fashioned, thick-cut rolled oats or steel-cut oats. The texture is SO much better, and you don’t have the extra additives and massive amount of sugar that the little packets have. Unfortunately, I haven’t cracked the code on how to make my own brown sugar dinosaur eggs quite yet 😉

Apple Cinnamon & Fig Baked Oatmeal with Tahini Date Sauce (V/GF)

Baked oatmeal is a fun alternative to traditional stovetop oatmeal. You just stir up all the ingredients in a bowl, pour it into a pan, and bake it! It’s a good way to serve oatmeal to a lot of people, and it’s also a great breakfast to meal prep – just bake it on Sunday or Monday and you have breakfast for the rest of the week! Cut out a square, top it with deeeeelicious tahini date sauce, yogurt, FIGS (because I can’t get enough), nuts, WHATEVA you want and boom. Also super portable – win!

And seriously – don’t skip that tahini date sauce! It is sooo creamy dreamy DELICIOUS. But, if you must – a good glug of maple syrup or nut butter on top will suffice.

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal with Tahini Date Sauce (GF)

This recipe was inspired by Cookie & Kate.

Apple Cinnamon & Fig Baked Oatmeal with Tahini Date Sauce (V/GF)
Serves: 4-6
  • 2 c gluten-free rolled oats (not instant or quick-cooking)
  • 1½ t ground cinnamon
  • 1 t baking powder
  • ¼ t fine sea salt
  • 1 t vanilla
  • 2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (preferably room temperature so that the coconut oil doesn't seize - just measure & leave out for an hour before starting this recipe)
  • ¼ c pure maple syrup
  • 2 flax eggs (2 T flax + 5 T warm water, mix & sit for 5 minutes)
  • 3 c diced apple (about 2 average-sized apples)
  • 3 T melted coconut oil
  • For the tahini date sauce:
  • ½ c hot water
  • 4 medjool dates, pitted (if they're pretty hard, soak in the water for 5-10 minutes first)
  • ¼ c tahini
  • pinch salt
  • ½ t vanilla
  • Additional toppings: fresh figs, yogurt, nut butter, fruit, chopped nuts, coconut flakes
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In a large bowl, combine oats, cinnamon, baking powder, and salt, and mix together until thoroughly combined.
  3. Add in the vanilla, almond milk, maple syrup, flax eggs, and coconut oil. Stir well. Fold in the apple chunks.
  4. Lightly grease an 8x8 pan and pour in the oatmeal mixture. Bake for 50-60 minutes, until completely set & baked through. (Mine took 55 minutes exactly!)
  5. For the tahini date sauce, combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Spread over the top of the baked oatmeal and enjoy!


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    September 18, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Sooo I just discovered your blog and HOW did I not find you before?! Your photography is so gorgeous and this recipe basically combines all of my favorite foods in one. My dream breakfast. Also hi from another Minnesota native 😉

    • Reply
      September 18, 2017 at 11:09 am

      Ahh Ruby you are SO nice, thank you!! Yay Minnesota!! That is so fun!

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    September 11, 2017 at 8:25 am

    Oatmeal that tastes like apple pie?!? Sign me up! I’m totally looking for ways to spice up our breakfast routine this year as we start our new fall schedule and this looks just incredible!

    • Reply
      September 11, 2017 at 7:53 pm

      Thanks Liz!! I know – it’s so easy to fall into the same breakfast routine every day!

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