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The Wrights Take London: Days 8 + 9

So at this point you’re probably asking yourself, is Lucia ever going to be done posting about London? Well, see, I still have a lot of pictures to show you. That’s okay, right? I’m hoping that at LEAST by February all of the photos I intend to post on London will be posted and done with and then we can all move on with our lives (but I’ll still cry myself to sleep every night because England is AMAZE and I want to go back).

SO: onto days 8 + 9!

On day 8, we road tripped about an hour and a half away from Godalming to Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire and explored that cute, quaint little village. We walked up and down the picturesque streets, taking pictures of absolutely everything (as usual.) It’s sooo funny – me, mom, and Mariah all love taking photos so much and were always the ones holding up the group to take good photos haha. We had theeee most MAGICAL hot chocolate at a little cafe called Maison Blanc. It was thick, sweet, and topped with so much whipped cream. ALSO there were sooo many dogs in Henley and it made me so happy! I saw the fluffiest goldendoodles and like the obnoxious American that I am asked their owner if I could pet them and they were so nice (the dogs and the people, haha.) Then we headed back to the cars and drove a little ways to Oxford University and walked around the campus there. By the time we got there it was around 4:30-5, which meant that it was totally pitch black outside (it gets dark soooo early here) and so we didn’t get the greatest views of Oxford, but it was still cool! So many significant achievements in academic and scholastic history have been made there. Like the discovery of the cell! So neat to think about. And it was built in the 1200s! How crazy is it that people lived back then?! Have I already said that??! Haha.

^^ I have this odd fascination with super old tombstones like this one. I just think the plants growing inside and around them are pretty. ^^

^^ I mean, how cute is this street? ^^

^^ I spy a handsome boy that I took home with me! Muahahaha. ^^

^^ Did you like that little photo series? Haha. Mom, I love you!!! So much. ^^

^^ Prettiest window/window box ever ^^

^^ Oh for the love of all things cute. ^^

^^ I wanna make a buche de noel! Putting on the list for next year’s holiday baking. ^^

Day 9 was a Sunday, so we went to church, ate cottage pies, watched It’s a Wonderful Life, and explored the charter school close to where my uncle lives that’s got a sorta Hogwarts-type feel. It’s really big and steepley and very pretty, so we had fun walking around there. There were some really magical gardens and plants that got me all excited so I took quite a few pictures of those 🙂 Apparently this is the school where the band Genesis was started, if you know who those guys are!

^^ Obsessed with this gate. ^^

xo, Lucia

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