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The Wrights Take London: Days 6 + 7

On day 6, which was Christmas Eve, the whole gang settled in at my uncle’s house in Surrey. Mom, little brother (Ethan), sister (Mariah), and sister’s husband (Chad) flew in that day, and then Brig and I arrived the night before! And of course, my aunt and uncle and their kids were there, too. (Except for the oldest, Ryan, who is serving as a missionary right now in Tahiti! We got to Skype with him on Christmas and it was so much fun.)

We had a really relaxing Christmas + Christmas Eve filled with walks around their cute village, sooo many pictures, games, naps, movies, and good conversation. But first! Pictures from the walk 🙂 English countryside is absolutely magical beyond words. SO DREAMY.

^^ This is my little brother, Ethan! He’s fabulous. ^^

^^ “dumpy bin” ^^


^^ There are so many cute brightly-painted doors in England! ^^

^^ One of my faaavorite photos from this day. ^^

^^ Gorgeous old church that we walked around (& inside). The cemetery is quintessentially creepy at night, but so beautiful in the day time! ^^

^^ The prettiest flower arrangement inside the church! ^^

^^ For Christmas Eve dinner, we made latkes! Pictured above are all of the potato patties waiting to be deep-fried 🙂 Although my family isn’t Jewish, every year we would observe Hanukkah anyway and make latkes, and so since we were all together we had a little belated Hanukkah celebration on Christmas Eve. We served them with tart, chunky English applesauce and creme fraiche. So yummy! ^^

^^ Christmas morning breakfast, courtesy of my Aunt Kelli! She made the most incredible (and adorable) baguette french toasts with a cinnamon buttermilk syrup. ^^

My aunt Kelli made an amazing traditional English dinner, complete with boiled ham, roasted potatoes with duck fat, yorkshire puddings, stuffing, salads, boiled brussels sprouts, and more! It was all so delicious. We had so much fun popping our Christmas crackers and trying all different kinds of sparkling juices, too.

These were two really, really great days on our London adventure.

xo, Lucia

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