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The Wrights Take London: Day 4

We started our day with a run to a bakery called Patisserie Valerie in Covent Garden. We took our goods to St. James’ park and ate breakfast on a bench. Joined by the most annoying pigeons, of course! Haha. They are SO GREEDY and not afraid of people at all and I seriously thought they were just gonna like jump up on my lap and eat my scone right out of my hands and needless to say I was kinda sorta freaking out the entire time we sat on that bench haha.

That park is seriously beautiful and it’s still completely green even though it’s almost the end of December!! Though the trees are dead, funny enough. There’s a large pond in the middle of it with swans and from a distance you can see Buckingham Palace! Super cool.

After breakfast at the park, we walked to Westminster Abbey. Man oh man, the weather was no bueno! Haha. Super super windy and rainy. London rain is different than the rain we’re accustomed to, it’s more like an all-encompassing mist that hits you from all directions haha. Westminster Abbey is so beautiful. I just really really love cathedrals and abbeys in general, they are SO COOL! It’s just so impressive that a bunch of seriously dedicated and faithful people hundreds and hundreds of years ago built these AMAZING structures that probably took their entire lifetime to accomplish and the architecture is so ornate and detailed and perfect and it’s just…ugh! It’s so neat!!  Sadly you’re not allowed to take photos inside but TRUST ME when I say that the inside is just breathtaking.

^^ Hehe, don’t I look tired?! ^^

After Westminster Abbey, we wandered around London and stopped in Caffe Concerto to grab some lunch. It was very pretty and looked so promising, but we were a little disappointed. Brig had some really yummy spaghetti bolognese, but both my salad and hot chocolate were not too great. I got a salad with figs and a kind of cured ham that I was SO excited to try, especially because I’ve never tried figs before and was convinced I’d love them, but…it tasted like a mushroom???! What the heck? Maybe it was just a bad fig…I don’t know. I was so sad! Are figs supposed to taste like mushrooms?? And the cured ham was just terrible haha. Brig tried it, too, and his face after he tasted it was pretty hilarious. At least the spaghetti was good! We then trucked back to the flat and took a nap on the floor because we were so tired!

At 4 we headed to St. Paul’s Cathedral to meet up with Ian and Charity and then climbed to the very top! The stairs were TOTALLY killer, but the top was beyond worth the view. Absolutely remarkable! After St. Paul’s we stopped in a health foods grocery store called Marks & Spencer and grabbed some juice because we still had a couple hours for dinner and needed a little sustenance. I got a pressed pineapple, watermelon, & aloe juice that really just tasted like pineapple but it was still good! Haha. I loved looking at all the neat things inside the grocery store, food is just so exciting!

We walked back to the flat and hung out with Charity, then grabbed some pizza from HomeSlice for dinner. It’s a tiny little pizza place tucked away in an alley somewhere and that pizza was ridiculously delicious and positively HUGE! Half of it was topped with rocket, salami, and parmesan, and the other half was corn, cilantro, and chorizo. Wowee it exceeded my expectations and more! The crust was thin but soft and chewy and perfectly salty. Excellent stuff.

Then we went ice skating at a place called Skate and it was POURING RAIN! Puddles were all over the ice and we were completely soaked from head to toe. We all did really well staying up and not falling or anything until I biffed it at the end and and then I was like, YEP I’m done haha. But it was so much fun, really! We walked our soaking wet selves home and took hot showers and then played a game of Ticket to Ride before bed.

^^ It is SO windy at the top of St. Paul’s, my hair was whipping my face and I just had to have Brig get a photo 🙂 The views from the top are absolutely breathtaking! ^^

^^ Not the most beautiful pizza picture I’ve ever taken, but dang, was that some of the BEST pizza I’ve ever had! ^^

That’s all for today! If you made it all the way to the end of this post HIGH FIVE and I LOVE YOU because that’s very impressive 🙂

xo, Lucia

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