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Our Trip to Minndakota

Prepare yourself for the longest post in the history of ever.

Like, seriously.

 We had the most splendid time at home. It was relaxing, happy, crazy, peaceful, hilarious, emotional, & absolutely perfect. The entirety of my mom’s side of the family was there & spending time with them is always so much fun.

I’m originally from a small town called Moorhead in northern Minnesota, which is right on the border of Minnesota & North Dakota. I kinda consider myself to have grown up in both states since in that area, they’re just minutes apart and inevitably, you find yourself constantly going between the two.

We arrived the night of July 4th and immediately left the airport to see fireworks & play tag with mosquitoes. Spoiler alert: they won.

 My grandparents live just across the street from my mom’s house, which is so nice! We spent a lot of time there. This is their backyard! Feat. food 😉

For the first little while we were there, although humid, the weather was cool enough for eating outside. Buuut by the time we left, the temperature had climbed into the 90s and the humidity was 95%! Uff da. So. Muggy!

 I was able to attend my best friend’s bridal shower while we were home. I just love my Annie girl. Isn’t she beautiful?

 My mom has the most beautiful, gigantic, luscious garden that surrounds her house & I couldn’t help but take so many pictures of her flowers. This is just one cool shot that I took one morning 🙂

 Love this boy 🙂

 Made some sweet & crunchy guacamole with macadamia nuts & fresh pineapple. It was sooo good. Recipe coming soon!

Don’t mind my feet…haha 🙈

 My aunt Krisha is an iiincredible artist & is especially talented with chalkboard paint! She drew this for my grandma. Doesn’t she have the most beautiful hand writing?!

 Rhubarb grows like a weed in the Midwest – it’s literally everywhere! My mom has a gigantic bush in her backyard. One of my favorite rhubarb recipes is a rhubarb upside down cake. I’ll have to share it with you guys!

 During one of our mini roadtrips across North Dakota seeing family land, we stopped at a Mac’s Hardware & took a look at all their crazy soda flavors! Their collection is magnificent. I ended up getting a vanilla bean Jones soda and it was 👌👌👌

 I found an exceedingly large, soft, & fuzzy sock monkey at Mac’s! Too bad it didn’t fit in my suitcase 😩 I’m a sucker for all things cozy and comfy.

 I love these relatives of mine!

 We saw the most breathtaking views while traveling around North Dakota. There really are no words. Too. Beautiful.

That little peak of water is the Missouri River!


 Sunflower fields! Where are you, favorite flowers?! Wish I could have seen you in full bloom 🌻

 For whatever reason, I just love farm mailboxes 🙂

 The Missouri River again – SO BEAUTIFUL. CANNOT STAND IT. I just want to live right there for the rest of my life.

 GAH! I just love him so much. Is it apparent by the smile on my face? He is so goofy and I love it 😋

 Well hey, guys. Thanks for making it to the end of this post & thanks for being patient with me as I’ve been away & haven’t posted as much as I usually do! I’ll be back on Thursday with more foods! Y’all are the best 😘

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