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On Life Lately

^^ Just for the heck of it, Thursday night I made my favorite chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream, topped with TJ’s dark chocolate, caramel, & sea salt chocolate bar pieces. YUM. ^^

^^ I love you babe! We don’t take nearly enough pictures together. I’m trying to change that ūüôā ^^

^^ The loveliest  (& seriously gigantic) pink tulips outside the Provo City Center Temple. ^^

^^ I was desperately pleading with Brig one night to go out and grab tacos because I didn’t want to make dinner. He kindly declined and asked if we could maybe get tacos another night. I agreed and continued to work on whatever I was working on at the time, and then a few minutes later he said, okay, what if we do In-N-Out? 20 minutes? HA! He knows my heart so well. ^^

^^ The most BEAUTIFUL Magnolia tree close to where I work. Isn’t it magnificent?? ^^

^^ My blog isn’t letting me turn this photo right-side-up for some reason, which I think is kind of hilarious. That boy¬†never fails to make me laugh. ^^

^^ Ahhh spring blossoms are EVERYWHERE and it makes me ridiculously happy. I love this season¬†so much. It’s always so worth the long, wintery wait. ^^

Life Things:

  • finals are next week which means that we are ALMOST done with undergrad!
  • we are moving in TWO WEEKS (!!!) to Texas to start “real life” and I’m ridiculously excited/totally scared.
  • Utah spring weather is making me¬†???¬†right now because it’s beautifully warm and sunny.
  • I got tickets for a Mat Kearney next week as a grad present to my hubs and we are seriously stoked. Also stoked because said tickets were v inexpensive.
  • I found out this past week that I married a man who makes perfect boiled eggs (how did it take me this long?!) I am never boiling an egg again – that’s his territory now.

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