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Hippie Foodie Finds: A Series

Hippie Food Finds //

Well, I finally figured out where all the hippies in North Texas are!! Haha. We went to the farmers market in McKinney Saturday morning and it was SO fun. There was everything from homemade laundry soap to kombucha to grass-fed meats and more. After an hour of wandering we left with 1 loaf of fresh organic sourdough, the biggest tomatoes I’ve ever seen, peaches, 3 tomatillo tamales, 1 apricot hand pie, and two different kinds of honey: watermelon (!!!) and orange blossom. We done did good.

SPEAKING of hippies…here’s the thing. I absolutely LOVE grocery shopping. Specifically, grocery shopping in those specialty grocery stores. Like, could we call it a hobby?! Because it’s definitely a huge hobby of mine. I could literally spend HOURS pouring through every aisle at the store and I am ALWAYS grabbing fun, new, hippie-healthy things to bring home and try. So my question is – do you guys want to know about the things I’m trying?! Well, ready or not, here goes June’s Edition of HIPPIE FOODIE FINDS!

Hippie Food Finds //

If you’re in tune with the health and wellness community on Instagram at all, then you know VERY WELL that Siete Foods is sweeeeeping the nation with its grain free tortillas & tortilla chips. For good reason, too – they are DELISH. I have yet to try the tortillas, but the chips are my jaaaam. Bonus: they were on sale last week at Whole Foods (and maybe still are??), so you know, why not buy 10 bags?

(Also, PSA, they sell t-shirts on their site, and I’m very seriously considering buying one. #totalfangirl)

Hippie Food Finds //

So here’s the thing. It’s super tricky to find nut butters that have NOTHING added to them (no oils, no sugars, no nothin’) without spending an exorbitant amount of money or traveling to Timbuktu. (On second thought – I don’t know that you could find nut butter on Timbuktu?!) Anyway. Trader Joe’s raw almond butter is hands down my favorite EVER because you know what the ingredients are?! Lots and lots of almonds and a whole lotta NOTHIN’ else. Boom. Also, I’m a reeeal sucker for cute little nut butter packets and I’ve really been loving these ones by Artisana lately!! Walnuts are so good for you, but they’re a little bitter. Artisana combines their walnut butter with a little bit of cashew to mellow it out and it tastes AWESOME. Bonus: no added oils or sugars!! Winning all around.

Hippie Food Finds //

Ooookay. I am having a HOT MINUTE with REBBL drinks. As you can see from the label, they’re “super herb powered coconut-milk elixirs,” and they’re wildly delicious. So far I’ve tried the maca mocha, reishi chocolate, turmeric golden-milk, aaand I have the lemon tart in my fridge right now which I’m saving for the perfect occasion…which is probably today.

Hippie Food Finds //

I have been obsessed with the freeze-dried bananas from Trader Joe’s for FOREVER, but the mango is something that’s new to me. And hot dang, they’re delicious. There’s no added sugar which is mega awesome ? but you do have to exercise a weeee bit of self-restraint because it’s so easy to eat the whole bag in, like, 20 minutes. Been there, done that. Not the best idea I’ve ever had.

Hippie Foodie Finds //

This bar is, hands down, my favorite dark chocolate EVER. You should be able to find it in the checkout line or above the freezer section at Trader Joe’s. The only ingredients are organic cacao, organic cocoa butter, and organic cane sugar, which is actually suuuuuper rare! Most commercial chocolates also contain soy lecithin and vanilla. I love to to use this chocolate for making a cup of cocoa, these seriously-delicious paleo chocolate chip cookies, and, of course, just eating it straight. Maybe dipped in peanut or almond butter 😉

Hippie Foodie Finds //

Ever since Sophia was born, I have been a total RX bar junkie. They’re the perfect on-the-go snack or quick breakfast, high in protein, lower in sugar, and don’t have any gross ingredients like most protein bars out there. I’m suuuper picky when it comes to protein bars, and these are some of the only ones I’ll eat. The chocolate sea salt and mint chocolate are my favorite flavors!! I love the peanut butter, too.

The Primal Kitchen bars are super new to me, and to be honest, I thought they were just okay. I tried the chocolate hazelnut and macadamia sea salt and the latter was definitely my favorite. I don’t know if I’ll be repurchasing them just because I didn’t love the taste, and especially for the price, I really wanna love the taste to make it worth it.

Hippie Foodie Finds //

Last but CERTAINLY not least, my obsession with Purely Elizabeth. Oh my WORD!! Take my money, Elizabeth, I’m yours!! I’ll be honest, these granolas ain’t cheap. At all. It’s completely justifiable and potentially wiser to make your own but this is honestly the best tasting, most wonderful granola I have EVER consumed. The three I’ve tried so far are the original granola (not pictured – but you can get it at Target!!), this blueberry hemp ancient grain granola & puffs (I use it to top my smoothies!), and the banana nut butter grain-free granola. It’s super clumpy, which I love, and the ingredients are cleeeean clean clean!! ??

Well, that’s all for now, guys! I hope you enjoy this new series…I’m really excited to share my love of the grocery store with you 🙂



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