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Friday Favorites

Haaaapppppyyy Friday! Right now I’m on my way to Minnesota. But you already know that, because I’ve told you approximately 635 times. So excited!

Yesterday I spent the day wandering around the city because it was my last day in Boston for a whole freaking month!! I love you Beantown. I am going to miss you so much.

I grabbed a breakfast bagel sandwich at Mike & Patty’s and hoooolllyyy smokes! Major yum. I got the Triple Gold Bodega, which is an egg bagel (from Better Bagels in Boston!) + cheddar + fried eggs + bacon. Oh baby.

We visited Brig at school, then walked down to South End and snagged a chocolate chip cookie from Giorgiana’s for #TFWCookieChallenge since I don’t have time to make one today – SAD. It was super good though, and I mean – did you see those chunks?! All the heart eyes.

This week was suuuuper busy. I had a lot of recipes to shoot for the blog & some freelance work – but the good news is, I got it all done! Natural Me is very much a not work-ahead kind of girl. Working ahead of schedule and doing things in advance literally gives me anxiety and overwhelms my brain. Ironically, doing things last minute gives me peace?? Plus having that time pressure really helps you get. stuff. done. Right? I know, I’m crazy. Does anyone else feel the same way? I think I just need to train myself to be less of a procrastinator – haha!

Supppooosedly T-Swift’s Reputation album came out on streaming services last night but I still can’t see it on Spotify or Google Play. Hmm. I’m super interested to see what the rest of the album is like because I kinda haven’t liked ANY of the songs that have been released so far. Like any of them, at all. I thought 1989 was SO PERFECT and Reputation so far has just felt strange and I don’t love it.

I had to stock up on my favorite bars earlier this week in preparation for my trip because airport snacks literally rob you ($$$), there’s a terrible selection, and also because ya girl gets hangry. I’m one of those need-food-every-3-hours types of people – ya feel me? Here are my big faves:

  • PERFECT BAR: coconut peanut butter + dark chocolate chip peanut butter with sea salt. Buy a box of each and thank me later. SERIOUSLY. I love Perfect Bars as a sort of “meal replacement” when I don’t have time to eat a real breakfast. They are pretty sweet….but we all know I have a sweet tooth, so that’s not really a problem. Haha. But they’re made from all real, organic ingredients and are super satisfying.
  • RX BAR: I love Rx bars for an afternoon snack. They’re not too sweet, high in protein, and made with real ingredients. Winning all around. My favorite flavors are chocolate chip (which you can buy in the kids size, which is just a bit smaller, but still perfect for a small snack), mint chocolate, and chocolate sea salt. I’m a chocolate girl, what can I say!
  • BULLETPROOF BAR: Okay, disclamer – bulletproof bars have an aftertaste. A collageny aftertaste. But even with that, I still really love them. They’re high in protein and fat and very low in sugar, taste really quite good (other than the aftertaste), and have this crazy shortbread-like texture. Again, real food ingredients and satisfying. Definitely worth a try! I’ve tried the vanilla shortbread, lemon cookie, and fudge brownie, and would recommend all of them! Unfortunately, you can’t buy them on Amazon – boo! I can find them at little hippie natural foods stores and, more accessible, Whole Foods.
  • Not bars, but I also packed up some of my favorite nut butter packets because you never know when life will hand you dry toast or plain oatmeal – am I right?! Artisana’s raw, organic cashew butter is straight MAGIC.

Well, friends, I hope you have the GREATEST weekend! Follow along on my Instagram for Minnesota/North Dakota updates and I’ll see ya next week!


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