Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

This week was rouuuugghhhhh. Uff da! The darkness of daylight savings has taken a toll on my mood this year like no other! It’s also been super rainy & grey all week, so that doesn’t help. I’m missing my sunshine! We have a fun weekend planned, though, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Sophie is TEN MONTHS OLD! Last night Brig and I started talking about Sophie’s first birthday and it is in less than TWO MONTHS. I’m kind of freaking out. How is she almost one?! She crawls everywhere, has no interest in walking, is SO independent, and makes her wants known. She’s obsessed with the bathroom and following Brig around from one room to the next when he’s home. She loves books and the refrigerator and Mexican rice casserole – a recipe I’ll be sharing soon! Haha 😉 She is feisty but sweet, super happy and giggly, and the best little traveler – she loves exploring Boston!! The Ergo 360 (+ weather cover!!!) have been LIFESAVERS for walking around the city! So so so much easier than walking around with a stroller.

My evening ritual of choice this week has included this tea by Pukka and this chocolate by Flava Naturals. They’re the perfect combo. PS – I have a super fun giveaway coming up next week with Flava that I’ll be announcing on my Instagram….so stay tuned!

We just got a Wegmans in our area (well, twenty minutes away, but whatever), and I’d heard lots of good things about it, so Sophie and I went to take a look around. HOLY COW YOU GUYS! Have you ever been to a Wegmans?! Literally the biggest & most beautiful grocery store I have been to – they liiiiterally have everything. Evvveeerrryyythiingggg. So magical and overwhelming all at once! Also their grocery carts are like super high quality?? Haha.

SO obsessed with Siggi’s line of triple cream yogurts lately – they’re suuuuuper creamy and not too sweet, which I love. I’ve also been obsessed with steel cut oats lately, so I like to make a bowl of those and then top it with a dollop of triple cream. Kinda like here. Yuuuuum.

Okay, while we’re talking about food, I have to say….I picked up some Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s from TJ’s because DUH – it’s that time of year!!! – and I don’t think they taste as good as they did last year?? BUT also I think my taste buds have maybe changed a lot since then?? Maybe I’m just crazy?

This Is Us update: Kevin is STILL ruining his life and it huuuurrtttssss. That show is tearing me apart!

Gearing up for December because I am going to be gone the ENTIRE month! While Brig takes finals, I’m heading back to Minnesota/North Dakota, where I grew up, and I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it! I haven’t been back in such a long time and cannot wait to see my extended family and high school friends. After that trip, Brig and I will meet up in Chicago to spend Christmas with my mom!

Okay, that’s all for now – do you have any fun plans for the weekend?! What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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    November 28, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Awkwardly late comment here, but I have to agree with you! TJ’s peppermint Jo-Jo’s just aren’t as good this year. What happened TJ’s?? I am so disappointed. I’m hoping that the dark chocolate covered version and the ice cream will appear soon. Hopefully those haven’t changed. In the meantime, I’m slightly obsessed with Pepperidge Farm’s Candy Cane Milanos. They’re amazing.!

    Also…thank you so much for the recommendation about the clam chowder in Quincy Market. We had some, and it was so good! Hope you had the best time in Minnesota/North Dakota. I’m from there too!

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      November 28, 2017 at 6:51 pm

      Ahhh Brittany!! I’m so glad you said something – I feel validated that it’s not all in my head! Haha. The dark chocolate covered version is SO good – I have yet to buy them this year, but I mean chocolate covered is always better right??! I need to grab those candy cane milanos!

      YAY I am so so glad you got to try that clam chowder – isn’t it amazing?! And so so happy to have another friend from Minnesota/North Dakota! 🙂

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