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Blackbird, Bagels, and Beantown

Guys, I LOVE living in Boston. And I tell everyone I see that I love it. I love everything about it. But I especially love the FOOD. I’ve mentioned the eateries we’ve been exploring here and there on my Instagram, but I want to start talking about them more on the blog. I love trying out new food in the city and am so excited to share my finds with you guys! I’ve already had so many people asking me for good places to eat out in the city and we’ve only been here for a few months. I’m pretty insistent on supporting local business as opposed to large chains, so most of what you will see here can only be found in Boston, but there are a couple of exceptions. Also, most of our foodventures have been quick, grab-n-go type places – but we hope to explore more “sit-down” food in the future! 🙂

So without further adieu, here’s a highlight of some of my favorite places we’ve explored in the past month or so, complete with some quaaaality iPhone pics 😉 Some are healthy, some are not….but it’s all finger lickin’ good.

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown


I don’t know what it is (well, maybe it’s because they’re delicious) but I LOVE scoping out new donut spots. And the donuts from Blackbird are the best I’ve had in the city so far! Blackbird is located in the South End in a very tiny, but very hip storefront. Their donuts taste so FRESH and are incomparably fluffy, airy, and moist. Their donuts have a brioche base, which you KNOW I’m a sucker for! They have super fun and creative flavors, but have also perfected the classics. This past weekend we tried the cherry cobbler, salted toffee, chocolate old fashioned, pumpkin boston cream bismarck, and the vanilla glazed. The only one we didn’t love was the pumpkin boston cream bismarck. Blackbird also sells coffee & soft-serve ice creams!

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown


Mmmmkay so here’s the thing. I’m not super won over by Pressed….yet. The smoothies are fine, but for $10?? I’d much rather make my own, to be honest. HOWEVER I’m mentioning it because I’ve heard their toasts and salads are really quite good, so I need to go back around lunchtime and try those out. Is there anyone out there that has tried and loved this place?? Let me know!

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown


Pavement Coffeehouse has SIX different locations throughout the Boston area. All of their bagels and breads are made from scratch & they are particularly famous for their sandwiches. Last week I got the “tequila sunrise” – a bagel sammie with egg, bacon, “diablo” cream cheese, and pico de gallo. Deeeelish. Next time I go, I’m anxious to try the “Fix” – a biscuit sandwich with sausage, egg, smoked gouda, and spicy pepper jam. YUM.

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown


This is a pizza place we stumbled upon while walking around the South End. You can buy pizza by the slice or whole, and a huge slice is only $4 – not too shabby. The crust is thin and super chewy, and the night we went I got one of their seasonal specials: sweet potato, sage, and pork belly. SO delicious.

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown


While my favorite donuts in the city thus far have been Blackbird’s, Kane’s Donuts were Brigham’s favorite. Their donut style is more classic and traditional, as are their flavors. Our favorites were the classic glazed, blueberry cake, and jelly filled!

Blackbird, Bagels, & Beantown


FoMu – like “faux moo” – ice cream is DELICIOUS. It’s completely dairy-free & plant-based, and mind-bogglingly good. They have a wide selection of super fun ice cream flavors, in addition to a variety of vegan baked goods. I got the peach cobbler ice cream & magic cookie bar ice cream with sprinkles – both were very good decisions.

Blackbird, Bagels, and Beantown


Okay, so here’s one of the restaurants we’ve been to that is definitely a chain….but you know I had to mention it!! Shake Shack is like the In-N-Out of the east coast…but don’t say that around here because people are very protective of their Shake Shack. Here’s what I think. In-N-Out’s burgers are better – I mean, animal style for life! But the CHICK’N SHACK IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Like, the crispiest yummiest fried chicken ever with fresh pickles and a dreamy ranch sauce. Oh, and a soft potato bun. Pluuuuus I think the fries are better at Shake Shack. Crinkle fries forever! They are so crispy and good. If you’re in the mood for fast food…..this is your place.

Blackbird, Bagels, and Beantown


Not to be confused with Boston’s Pressed, mentioned above, Pressed Juicery actually started out in California and made its way all the way to the East Coast. They are famous for their pressed “freeze” – a refined-sugar free, non-dairy soft-serve ice cream of sorts….but not. It is DELICIOUS. Ice cream that’s healthy enough to be breakfast?! I. AM. IN.

Okay, now this doesn’t cover everything we’ve tried over the past couple months, but I hope these recommendations leave you with some new places to try! I want to do these semi-regularly…maybe once a month? Or once every couple months?

For those who live in Boston or have been before – what are your favorite spots?! Leave me a comment down below, I am adding more and more places to my list every day!

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    Nate used to talk about FOMU all the time! He was vegan when he was at school in Boston and loveeddd all the vegan / healthy options the city has! Where in Boston are you guys living?

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    Um, you know you are taking me to all of these in one day flat, right?

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