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Birthday | 2 – 0


I love love love birthdays. They’re so HAPPY!

The day before, I received flowers from my sweet friend, Annie, all the way in ND – aren’t they absolutely beautiful?!

My birthday cake turned out well, buuut not as well as I’d hoped. SO. Not sharing the recipe with you just yet, I want it to be perfect first 😉

S/O to my dear friend Madelyn for the new bundt pan! I love it!!

TRADER JOE’S! My faaavorite place in the world!! I wish I could do all of my grocery shopping here, but unfortunately, it’s all the way in Salt Lake and it’s not practical to drive an hour to go grocery shopping every week 😛

Some of my favorite things at Trader Joe’s – freeze-dried bananas (BEST snack), the greatest apple juice in the world, & crunchy cookie butter, because duh!

Of course, my birthday lunch of choice was Chipotle! Even though Brig doesn’t look too impressed, we’re die-hard Chipotle lovers 😉

 Not pictured: kisses, hugs, Harry Potter movies, a nap, phone calls, emails, even more cake, loving friends, spin class, strawberry ice cream, and a trip to TJ Maxx to buy new earbuds 🙂

I feel so incredibly loved and blessed to have the support group that I do. The past twenty years have been so great, but in particular – the past 1 year and 1 month, with my favorite family member of all – my hubs. I don’t want to live one second of my life without you in it!

And THANK YOU to my dear readers, for being loyal & sticking with me for a whole month! This blog is my world & I love sharing the food that I make with you. Stay tuned for another recipe on Saturday 🙂

xo, Lucia


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